Understand your opponent

Understand your opponent

Understand your opponent


Understanding cancer

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When healthy, there is a balance between the production of new cells and cell death. Generally speaking, the human body has just the right number of each type of cell needed for functioning. They grow and divide to generate new cells as the body requires them. The cells within the body do this by producing signals to control how much and how often cells divide. In addition, there are signals that can induce cell death in order to get rid of damaged, infected or old cells.


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Understand your risks

By understanding cancer — its risks, origins and responses to various treatments — we can help to overcome cancer and prevent recurrence together.

In cancer, this balance is disturbed. Abnormal cells divide faster in an uncontrolled manner and become resistant to signals that could induce their death. As a result, these uncontrolled cells spread into surrounding tissues, destroying them without stopping. There are more than 200 different types of cancer, and they all begin from these abnormal cells. Sometimes, cancer cells may break away from their original site and travel to other areas of the body, where they continue to grow and form new tumors. This is how cancer spreads and what we call metastasis.


Esperance believes in proactively preventing cancer. Cancer often begins to form years, or even decades, before the symptoms surface. In most cases, the longer the cancer remains undetected, the more time cancer cells have to grow and spread. Thus, we endorse cancer screenings for prevention, early detection and provide comprehensive diagnostic services. As early detection is an important focus on cancer prevention, our expert team of oncologists is specialized in cancer risk assessment and reduction.

When cancer develops, it disrupts the body’s orderly processes and changes the patient’s everyday life. Esperance focuses exclusively on integrative cancer care, combining established procedures with innovative approaches and applications. Our philosophy is personalized medicine. While other cancer centers may base treatments on standard methods, Esperance analyzes each patient’s cancer cells to see how they respond to variable anticancer drugs as a basis for recommendations. Ensuring the most effective therapies are offered to the patient. This is done by performing sensitivity tests, as well as genetic and metabolic analysis, in order to select customized combinations of primary cancer treatments tailored to each patient’s specific case.


Cancer treatments, such as standard chemotherapy, can be devastating to the immune system and reduce the patient’s quality of life. With individual selection and carefully applied treatments physicians aim to reduce the risk of severe side effects and significantly increase the patient’s quality of life. Furthermore, at Esperance, cancer care is more than treatments and medication. As an integrative cancer clinic, we offer patients and their families: supportive care, educational programs, advice on healthy lifestyle choices and nutrition counseling, physical therapy and psycho-social counseling services.

About Esperance

Esperance is committed to providing innovative ways to prevent and fight cancer, all to improve the patient's quality of life. In conjunction with Bumrungrad International Hospital, Esperance takes a personalized approach to treating cancer with targeted therapies.

The Esperance approach

Esperance is an integrative cancer clinic. The multidisciplinary team continuously collaborates with cancer experts translating scientific innovation into therapy implementation. At Esperance, up to date research fuels our patient centered approach, together driving our mission to provide scientifically based holistic cancer care.