Primary Cancer Treatments

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At Esperance, we have a team of specialists carefully weighing all of your primary cancer treatment options to create a plan that is personalized. Precision medicine involves testing the drug sensitivity profiles of the patient’s cancer cells, helping us decide which treatments may limit possible adverse effects and maximize results. In choosing the best targeted therapies for the patient, Esperance uses next-generation sequencing (NGS), which analyses the genetic structure of the cancer cells. This is being combined with Watson for Genomics, a very advanced database tool developed by IBM to correlate the genetic findings with targeted therapies. From there, our cancer experts will recommend a combination of treatments that are most effective to the patient. Learn more about our approach to primary cancer treatments.


Cytotoxic Therapy

A treatment approach that kills cancer cells by using anticancer preparations, including but not limited to chemotherapy and the use of botanical agents.

Heat and Laser Based Therapy

A selection of physical methods, such as heat, laser and ultrasound are used to target, shrink and destroy cancer cells.


A type of cancer treatment that boosts the body’s natural defenses to fight cancer.

Precision Medicine

An approach that helps select the most effective treatments based on a patients genetic and molecular information.

Metabolic Therapy

Treatments to help weaken the cancer cells’ resistance ability and capacity to spread by inhibiting cancer cells' energy production.


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