Innovative, integrated cancer care

Innovative, integrated cancer care


About Esperance

The integrative cancer clinic in Bangkok


Esperance is committed to providing innovative ways to prevent and fight cancer, all to improve the patient's quality of life. In conjunction with Bumrungrad International Hospital, Esperance takes a personalized approach to treating cancer with integrated therapies.


Our story 

In partnership with Bumrungrad International Hospital, Esperance sets the standard of excellence in integrated cancer treatments and prevention. With an integrative approach to cancer care, our team of dedicated experts develop and adopt innovative ways to minimize cancer’s devastating effects.

Our values


At Esperance, we treat cancer with compassion and precision. While we provide integrative cancer treatments and prevention methods, we also strive to improve the quality of life for patients with an array of supportive care and side effect management programs. We believe in creating a caring and comfortable environment for patients and family.


What we do


Esperance, the integrative cancer clinic, fights cancer through laboratory research, patient-driven care and prevention approaches. Devoted to tackling cancer at every angle, we implement novel approaches to screening, utilize new therapies that go beyond standard treatment and provide personalized medicine to determine an optimal treatment plan for each patient.

Our team 

The doctors at Esperance have not just spent the majority of their careers preventing, diagnosing and treating cancer. Each of our proficient oncologists and cancer experts have accumulated the extensive experience needed during numerous years of practice in their fields to appropriately provide true integrative care in a multidisciplinary team model. Our multidisciplinary team collaborates thereby incorporating knowledge from various areas of care, so as to bring about unique insights and truly individualized treatment plans, resulting in positive outcomes for patients and families.

Understanding cancer

When cancer develops, it disrupts the body’s orderly processes and changes the patient’s everyday life. If you are interested in cancer prevention or have been diagnosed with cancer, a feeling of empowerment is possible through making treatment decisions that are best for you. The first step in the process to empowerment is to understand how cancer can develop or progress.

The Esperance approach

Esperance is an integrative cancer clinic. The multidisciplinary team continuously collaborates with cancer experts translating scientific innovation into therapy implementation. At Esperance, up to date research fuels our patient centered approach, together driving our mission to provide scientifically based holistic cancer care.