Why choose Esperance

Why choose Esperance

Why choose Esperance


The Esperance approach

Integrative cancer treatments with wellness in mind


In conjunction with Bumrungrad International Hospital, Esperance is a comprehensive cancer clinic that translates medical research into cutting-edge treatments while minimizing the harsh adverse effects. With the patient’s quality of life at the heart of our approach, we strive to provide the best patient care available as we prevent, control and treat cancer.


A common goal

Esperance attacks cancer through laboratory research, innovative clinical care, and prevention strategies. Together, we can fight cancer.


Research fuels the Esperance approach as we collaborate and partner with innovative companies and cancer experts to accelerate our ability to fight cancer. We apply extensive database research, such as IBM Watson for Genomics, to correlate our findings with the most recent clinical and translational research. As a leader in integrative cancer care, Esperance consistently and persistently expands the boundaries of knowledge. For example, Esperance maximizes the use of cell therapy in combination with immunotherapy to optimize each patient’s innate ability fight cancer. With a next-generation sequencing laboratory in full operation, our expert team of oncologists can create roadmaps to personalize medicine for each patient. Esperance believes in targeted treatments that are tailored to the patient’s exact needs.

Immune therapy 

The important hallmark of cancer is its availability to evade the detection of our immune system. This phenomenon is known as the immune escape, which renders our body rather helpless to cope with cancer cell replication. This is why we emphasize immune therapy — giving the body back the weapons it needs to fight cancer. We thoroughly check the patient’s immune system and immune-related cancer cell features to identify crucial deficits. By doing so, we can recommend the appropriate actions to be taken. This includes rebuilding, facilitating and engineering the immune system, as well as disabling the cancer cells’ escape strategies, which have shown tremendous success. Immune therapy is crucial for all phases of cancer care, whether it is prevention, early detection, active treatment or long-term remission control.

Early detection 

As early detection is also an important focus on cancer prevention, we provide precise screening, liquid biopsies and DNA testing to help patients understand their individual risks and give them the best chance when it comes to dealing with cancer. Beyond diagnosis and standard cancer care, Esperance integrates other complementary therapies to prepare patients for a healthier life after treatment. We understand that a cancer diagnosis is life-changing, and we are with you on this journey to recovery.

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Find everything you need to know about Esperance, your cancer diagnosis and treatment options by reaching out to us today. Our team will provide helpful answers to your questions, as well as accurate information from reliable sources.

About Esperance

Esperance is committed to providing innovative ways to prevent and fight cancer, all to improve the patient's quality of life. In conjunction with Bumrungrad International Hospital, Esperance takes a personalized approach to treating cancer with targeted therapies.

Understanding cancer

When cancer develops, it disrupts the body’s orderly processes and changes the patient’s everyday life. If you have been diagnosed with cancer, a feeling of empowerment is possible through making treatment decisions that are best for you. The first step in the process to empowerment is to understand how cancer can develop or progress.