A therapy that helps remove toxic metal compounds such as heavy metals with the usage of special drugs named chelating agents.




Chelation uses special chelating agents to remove toxic heavy metal compounds and organic acids. These offenders are undesirable because they can accumulate interfering with body functioning. They may block enzyme function and attach to DNA. The potential outcomes may include tissue and gene damage, metabolic dysfunction, inflammation and oxidative stress. The chelating agent(s) are medications inserted into the bloodstream that then bind to the offenders creating a compound, which then leaves the body via urine.


Esperance provides targeted chelation therapies that aim to remove a specific type of toxic heavy metal or organic acid compounds. The type of chelation therapy to be applied largely depends on the individuals toxin level(s) and tolerability testing.


It is important to note that chelation is an invasive clinical detox process, which may cause certain adverse effects such as trace mineral deficiency or allergic reactions. Therefore, a professional and proper clinical setting such as Esperance is mandatory so as to ensure careful administration and continuous monitoring.